Fox Sports Pulse Calendar Subscription Tool


This tool will take a team URL from Fox Sports Pulse and return a URL to an iCal calendar link you can use to subscribe for it. I've developed this primarily as a way to allow my basketball club to access their game times on their iPhones, however others may find it useful as well. There are a couple of things to note though.

To begin, enter a URL from your team's site in the box below and submit. Please note it has to be a team URL, not a club URL. The easiest way to get this is to search for your team's name on the Fox Sports Pulse front page, and then copy the link directly from the search resuls. Make sure you select the 'Team' tab first.

The timezone you select is used to determine which timezone your games will show up in. Fox Sports Pulse only shows start times, not time zones, so we can't automatically determine which timezone to show your games in. The game length is used to set the end time for your games. If you leave this out, the games will start and end at the same time. You will still see them on your calendar but they will have a length of 0 minutes.

You can optionally specify a URL to another ICS calendar to include those events in this link. This means for example if you use Google Calendar for your training or event times, you can combine those into the Fox Sports Pulse calendar to have everything for your sports team in one place.

Enter a Fox Sports Pulse website:

Select a time zone for the calendar:

Enter how long your games run for in minutes:

Would you like to show games as starting early? This is really handy if you have problems getting people to your games on time! Select how many minutes early you want games to start from (15 minutes for example would mean a 1:00pm event should show as starting at 12:45pm). This only applies to your Fox Sport Pulse times, not your external calendars.

Enter up to 3 external calendar URLs (optional):

How do you want to handle timing clashes with your external calendar?